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About Purchasing

What are the accepted payment methods?
Currently we only accept payments by credit card (VISA, Mastercard, and JBC).

How do you calculate shipping costs? Is free shipping available?
We ship orders to Taiwan with Chunghwa Post for a fixed cost of NT$100 with free shipping available for orders with 3 or more items. Overseas shipping costs are calculated based on the region, with free shipping available.

How long do I have to wait for my coffee beans?
The following are shipping times to various areas from the next business day after the purchase: Taiwan proper 3~4 days (4~7 days for outlying islands); Hong Kong and Macau 6~8 days; Asia and Oceania 8~10 days; China, Europe, and the Americas 11~15 days.

Do you offer overseas shipping?
Yes. The shipping cost is calculated based on the region. Although not common, overseas orders may be charged a customs duty. The cost, if incurred, is to be paid by the customer.

Can I return the products?
Yes. You can request a return by email within seven days of receiving the goods provided that the packaging is intact and free of damage. If the return is for any reason other than an issue with product quality, you must pay any shipping cost that may be incurred. We will process the refund after we have received the returned goods. Since different banks require different processing times, you may see the refund in your credit card bill anywhere from 7 to 21 days after we have processed the refund.

About the Coffee Beans

Do you provide grinding services?
All of our products are shipped whole bean to lock in the coffee’s best flavor. We strongly suggest you only grind the coffee beans immediately before brewing. You can also consider our coffee brew bag product: We fill the package with nitrogen to prevent oxidation, giving it a storage life of up to 2 years. However, we still recommend that you consume it within 6 months.

What is your roasting method?
We chose the light roasting method to present the subtle differences in flavor between the different coffees. Since we prefer floral and fruity notes to the chocolate and nutty tonality of medium and dark roasts, our coffees tend to be more acidic. The key to a good roast then lies in how to obtain that balance between sourness and sweetness.


About brewing

The optimal period for tasting
After roasting, our coffee beans need some time to release the carbon dioxide inside. This process allows the coffee to develop more completely, improving its flavor. A light-roasted coffee bean degases slowly, so we suggest you begin enjoying our coffee between 20 to 30 days after the roasting date and finish it no more than a month after the package is opened.

Suggested brewing method
You can brew our coffee with various methods and equipment: pour over, french press, or Aeropress. We suggest grinding 15 grams of coffee beans to extract 180 to 200 grams of coffee. You can also adjust this based on your preference.

Suggested storage method
Do not place in direct sunlight. Close the bag with a bag clip after opening. Storing in a refrigerator is not a good choice, since every time it leaves the refrigerator, the beans can absorb moisture due to the temperature difference. Do not grind your coffee beans before you are ready to brew it. Grind it immediately before brewing to enjoy the best possible flavor.